Spatial Mapping of Ethno Medicinal Knowledge with Specific Reference to Bacopa monnieri (L.) Pennell in India

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Journal of Ayurveda Medical Sciences,2017,2,3,219-224.
Published:July 2017
Type:Review Article
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Faseela Valiyakattil Sainuddin, Athira Kakkara, Saroj Kumar Vasundharan, Sooraj Nediya Parambath, Sajeev Chellamma Rajan, Jaishanker Raghunathan*

CV Raman Laboratory of Ecological Informatics, Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management – Kerala, IIITM-K Building, Karyavattom 695581, India.


Introduction: This review consolidates reported ethnomedical uses of B.monnieri, which are currently dispersed, on a spatial platform. Methods: The ethnic medicinal uses of B.monnieri across several local communities and ethnic groups in India were mapped on Quantum GIS 2.10.1-Pisa (Q.GIS) and Google earth. Results: The present study resulted in the spatial documentation of B. monnieri in India. The spatial database reposits ethnomedical knowledge specific to B. monnieri nurtured within one hundred and twenty one communities in fifty three locations. The plant is identified in more than twenty different vernacular names. Conclusion: Traditional knowledge mapping associated with B.monnieri in India provides opportunities for meta-analysis of ethnomedical database and heralds new possibilities in knowledge discovery.