Few Herbal Medicinal knowledge from Thirthahalli taluk, Shivamogga District, Karnataka, India

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Journal of Ayurveda Medical Sciences,2017,2,3,240-243.
Published:July 2017
Type:Short Communication
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Niranjan Prabhu*, Shrikanth Padigar, Ravikrishna Sagri

Department of Dravyaguna, Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Ayurveda, Udupi 574118, India.


Introduction: Ayurveda suggests to collect the information about medicinal plants from the Vanavaasi (primitive tribes), Ajapa, Avipa (Shepherds) and Gopa (Cowheards). Traditionally the science of healing is taught from one generation to another, which others will not be aware of. Western Ghats are Rich in Flora and Fauna thus considered as one of the Hotspots of Bio-diversity in India. Methods: Hence an attempt is made in that direction to collect the information from traditional healers of a place which is amidst of Western Ghats named Thirthahalli taluk regarding the plant species, their local name, part used along with dosage of the medicinal plants used by them in treating various illness. The data was collected by randomly selecting 13 informers who were from 6 different villages and data is collected using a Self-prepared questionnaire based interviews. Results: The ethnobotanical survey is documented and it reveals that 20 plant species are used by the folklore practitioners to treat various ailments. Conclusion: Thus it is evident that the knowledge of the folklore practitioners is in depth, undoubted and very much scientific.