An Open Label Study to Evaluate Safety and Efficacy Of Unex Capsules In Patients With Urinary Disorders

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Journal of Ayurveda Medical Sciences,2018,3,1,333-336.
Type:Original Article
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Sarang Deshpande*, Shrirang Chhapekar,1Shivapal Khandizod Gopalrao,2 Shailesh Malekar3

Clinical Research Department, Unijules Life Sciences Ltd, Nagpur 440009.

1,2Department of Kaychikitsa, Ashwin Rural Ayurved College and Hospital, Manchi Hill, Ahmadnagar 422605.

3Clinical Research Department Unijules Life sciences Ltd. Nagpur 440009, Maharashtra, India.


Introduction: Urinary disorders are prevalent in middle age group and effective, safe remedies with pathological cure and rejuvenation are really needed to maintain osmosis of the body. Herbal treatments for UTIs have been used for centuries. Herbal remedies may relieve urinary tract infections by combating the bacteria, decreasing irritation and healing urinary tract tissues.Present open labeled study of Unex capsules in a dose of 2 capsules BID of Unijules Life Sciences ltd. was aimed to evaluate its efficacy and safety in UTI one of the most occurring urinary disorder. Methods: patients aged between 18 to 70 years were enrolled in the study according to inclusion and exclusion criteria as per protocol approved by IEC. A dose of 2 cap BID was given to the patients for 8 weeks and assessment of results was done by analyzing symptom score of clinical response to dusuria, burning micturition, hesitancy anf frequency of micturition and abdominal pain. and biochemical parameters like microbiological response etc were analyzedalong with other safety parameters. Results: Total 171 patient data revels that it has highly significant results in various symptoms like burning micturition, dysuria, associated abdominal pain etc. it proves its diuretic and anti-inflammatory activity along with its antibacterial activity as it improves microscopic urinary parameters significantly during the treatment period of 8 weeks.