Macro-microscopic characterization of the Punica granatum L. flower

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Journal of Ayurveda Medical Sciences,2018,3,2,384-389.
Published:October 2018
Type:Short Communication
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Divya Kallingilkalathil Gopi, Rubeena Mattummal, Remya Andalil, Erni Bobbili, Brindha Sundaramoorthy, Sunil Kumar Koppala Narayana*, Sathiya Rajeshwaran Parameswaran1

Department of Pharmacognosy, 1Assistant Director and In charge, Siddha Central Research Institute, Central Council for Research in Siddha, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India, Arumbakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India 600106.


Introduction: Dried flowers of Punica granatum L. constitute the drug Matulam poo which is widely used in both traditional and modern medicine. In Siddha it is used for the treatment of diabetes and gastro intestinal diseases. The present study deals with detailed pharmacognosy including morphological, anatomical, quantitative and powder microscopic characterization of this floral drug. Methods: Dried authenticated floral drug was collected from SMPG Mettur and subjected to macro-microscopic screening. Results: Anatomical study of the sepal showed presence of numerous rosette crystals towards the lower epidermis. Quantitative study revealed the presence of anomocytic stomata in the outer region of sepal. Some of the distinguishing characters observed in the powder microscopy were abundant corolla fragments with anomocytic stomata, epidermal cells with striations, long fibers, calcium oxalate crystals and spherical pollen grains. The current study offers a detailed pharmacognostic profiling of this important floral drug in view of its macro-microscopy.