An open labelled, randomized clinical Study to evaluate the efficacy of Pinda Sveda in the management of Gridhrasi

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Journal of Ayurveda Medical Sciences,2018,3,3,420-423.
Published:April 2019
Type:Original Article
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Shrikanth Panjithur Haridas1, Niranjan Rao2

1Department of Samhita & Siddhanta,  2Department of Panchakarma, Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Ayurveda & Hospital, Kuthpady, Udupi 574118, India.


Background: Sedentary life style, lack of physical activities and irregular food habits made human being prone to chronic diseases. Gridhrasi, one among Vataja Nanatmaja Vikaras, and commonly correlated with inter vertebral disc prolapse (IVDP), is one of the most common diseases human being suffers nowadays. Sveda is one of the treatment for Vata Dosha mentioned in Ayurveda. In the present study, Pinda Sveda, a type of Sveda, has been evaluated as treatment protocol for IVDP. Methods: Patients with complaints of low back ache and fulfilling the criteria of diagnosis Gridhrasi were selected. Pinda Sveda was administered for seven days and improvements were assessed after seven days. Results: Statistically highly significant (P<0.001) improvements were seen in clinical features like Aruchi, Stambha, Ruk, Toda. Improvements were also observed in subjective parameters like pain, consultation, work, rest, housework, sitting, walking and travelling using Visual Analogue Scale and Greenough Fraser Scoring for pain. Statistically highly significant results were also obtained in Sugarbaker & Barofsky Clinical Mobility test parameters like upright, walk, gait, sitting and climbing stairs. Statistically highly significant results were seen in Oswestry disability assessment parameters such as pain, lifting, walking, sitting, standing and travel. Statistically significant (P<0.05) results were obtained in stiffness, heaviness and lassitude; and in subjective parameters like straight leg raising test (both right and left), Greenough Fraser Scoring Method for pain and Oswestry disability assessment parameters. Conclusion: Pinda Sveda though not directly mentioned in the management of Gridhrasi, has shown good improvement in the conditions of the patients of Gridhrasi supporting the concept that Sveda controls Vata Dosha. Hence, it is concluded that Pinda Sveda can be very effective in the management of Gridhrasi.